Jeannie McGeehan

 Baltimore, MD

  Autism Mom
  Autistic Wife
  MidCentury Vintage Fan
  Maker of Shave Soap and Beard Care

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A little more about me

My name is Jeannie.  I am a wife, mother of 2 (d.b. 1996 and s.b. 2015), and grandmother of 2 (gss.b. 2015 and 2022).  I am ASD and AvPD.  My son was diagnosed ASD non-verbal in 2017.  I spent a quarter-century in the corporate world before changing careers to full-time caregiver and household manager.  My husband, son and I reside in the Baltimore area of Maryland in the United States.

   McSTACHIO & CO. is my handmade shop where I sell my handcrafted artisan shave soaps, beard care, and accoutrements. is a Mastodon instance I run for handmade artisans to create business accounts for their shops and businesses in the Fediverse.

Things I Like and Use

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